Current Schedule

Registration Fee is $125 for each new student and $135 for non-affiliated members. See your credit union’s HR department for details.

The Spring 2021 are be: 

Monday: Fundamentals of Member Service 

Instructor: Karen Bernstein

Course Number: CWK 0027

Dates: 02/01/2021-04/19/2021

Tuesday: Consumer Lending

Instructor: Elizabeth Schamp

Course Number: CWK 0029

Dates: 02/02/2021-04/13/2021

Wednesday: CU Financial Management

Instructor: John Hirabayashi

Course Number: CWK 0036

Dates: 02/03/2021-04/14/2021

Thursday: Human Behavior

Instructor: Lydia Hancik

Course Number: CWK 0031

Dates: 02/04/2021-04/15/2021