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In conjunction with Florida State College at Jacksonville, the Credit Union Education Program (CUEP) provides you with an opportunity to gain skills that meet the needs of your employer, but is designed with you in mind.

Credit Unions are earning a greater share of the financial institution market and that means greater employment opportunities for you! This program can effectively sharpen your skills and increase opportunities for better positions within credit unions. Both new and experienced employees benefit.

Now is a great time to earn a vocational certificate in Credit Union Services and Marketing by taking courses you can use on the job!

Spring Book Return 

Attention all students who enrolled in Spring courses. Due to COVID-19 we had to end the term unexpectedly. If you still have your book please return it to your HR/Training department as soon as possible. CUEP will coordinate with your credit unions to pick up the books.

Please email us at askCUEP@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

CUEP Updates 

Our 2020 graduation banquet will be held on August 20, 2020. We are now accepting applications for graduation! 

Please visit our Program Graduation page for more details on how to apply! 

The deadline to apply is July 1, 2020. 

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Email us at: askCUEP@gmail.com 




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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, CUEP will not be offering Summer courses. Please see our Upcoming Schedule for information on the Fall semester. 

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Meet the CUEP


MJ Rood

Community First Credit Union

"The CUEP had a dynamic role in my success within credit unions. The knowledge and understanding I received through these courses made me confident in my role and an advocate and passionate member of the credit union community."

Samantha Christine Darneille

Coastline Federal Credit Union

"The opportunity to build relationships with employees at other credit unions has been incredible. I enjoy every minute of these classes and encourage my peers to join in the experience as well."

Parker Joiner

Community First Credit Union

"The CUEP is a rare and personal resource in the age of information. I love the memories and connections I've made. Northeast Florida Credit Unions hold the standard for collaboration and commitment to members." 

"Joining the CUEP was the best decision I could have made for my career. I started with the Foundation and Structure class because I wanted to know where credit unions came from and what we stand for. I have never been more proud of being part of the financial movement.  I believe in the credit union and I know CUEP enabled me to be successful at my work in making member's lives better." 

Brandee Kirkman

Community First Credit Union

Ashleigh Robinson

First Florida Credit Union

"I was brand new to the credit union industry when I took my first CUEP class. This program really set me on the path for success!  It is in large part because of the education I received through CUEP that I am the knowledgeable employee and loyal creduit union member that I am today." 


"Throughout my CU career, I have not always worked for CUs that participated in CUEP. I started the program when I was 18 and just finished, so I may be the longest enrollee in the program. I have learned quite a bit from my classes and enjoyed meeting people from other CUs. I recommend CUEP to my coworkers, especially people who are to to CUs. However, we all know you are never too old to keep learning and growing." 

Julie King 

First Florida Credit Union