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Mission Statement

The FSCJ Credit Union Advisory Committee exists to serve the volunteer officials and employees of Credit Unions in the areas served by FSCJ. It is the primary concern of the committee to provide basic education through a structured academic program. The committee seeks to respond to the educational needs by new offerings, revising, deleting and adding additional educational programs. In meeting the educational needs of officials and employees, the committee will provide a program in a fiscally responsible manner.

About the Committee

The committee assists credit union employees and volunteers by providing educational and training opportunities. This consists primarily of thirteen (13) college type courses taught by credit union and other professionals virtually online through FSCJ.

CUEP Advisory-2023 2.jpeg

CUEP Advisory Committee Board Members

Lydia Hancik - UNIFY Financial Credit Union


Tillery Durbin - 121 Financial Credit Union


Karen Bernstein - Community First Credit Union

Interim Registrar

Kim Rountree - First Florida Credit Union


Carol Ann Aldridge - Suncoast Credit Union


Jenine Pigati - Vystar Credit Union 


Elise Littlefield - Community First Credit Union


Laura Lobetti - Community First Credit Union


Jessica Parmenter - Alive Credit Union


Colleen Stubbs - 121 Financial Credit Union


Cathy Hufstetler - 121 Financial Credit Union

Chapter Liaison

Betzy Santiago - FSCJ 

FSCJ Liaison

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