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Glenn Johnson Memorial Scholarship

On August 18, 2011, the Credit Union Education Program Advisory Committee of the Northeast Florida Chapter, League of Southeastern Credit Unions announced the creation of the Glenn Johnson Credit Union Education Program Scholarship.


Named in honor of Mr. Glenn Johnson, a twenty-nine year veteran of the committee and devoted supporter of credit union education in Northeast Florida, the scholarship makes it possible for employees of Florida-based credit unions to enroll in a credit union specific education program. The program, offered in conjunction with Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Kent Campus since 1975, consists of both required and elective classes leading to achievement of a Six or Twelve Course Certificate of Completion.

Testimonials from students of the Credit Union Education Program indicate the classes offered in the certificate program give them a better understanding of the credit union movement and the services offered in our credit unions.


For some, the classes have provided the knowledge needed in their current positions while also providing education needed for advancement within their credit union careers. The scholarship was created with the credit union philosophy of “people helping people” in mind and makes it possible for employees to participate in a credit union education program who might not otherwise have the ability to do so.

The Credit Union Education Program Advisory Committee offers up to two scholarships per term, enrollment permitting, to deserving credit union employees based on their statement of need, as indicated in the scholarship application and eligibility guidelines.

Eligibility Guidelines

Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who will benefit from and best represent the values of the Credit Union Education Program. Eligibility guidelines for applicants are as follows:

  • Must be employed by a Florida based credit union whose asset size is less than $50 million or where a financial hardship exists for the credit union. Part-time employees of credit unions that do not pay for their attendance of CUEP Classes will also be considered.

  • Must complete a CUEP Scholarship Application form.

  • Must provide a letter on credit union letterhead from their Human Resources Department or designee indicating the employee has satisfied their credit union’s probationary requirements (Satisfaction of Probationary Period Letter).

  • Must provide a letter indicating how the student would personally benefit from participation in the program and explain how the student’s participation in the program will assist the credit union (Benefit & Participation Letter).

  • Applicants may be a new enrollee or existing student in the Credit Union Education Program.

  • Existing students must provide a transcript reflecting all past grades received (Printed Transcript).

  • Must have an overall grade point average of “B” or higher for existing students

The Scholarship Committee of the Credit Union Education Program has the authority to consider exception conditions to scholarship applications outside of the existing guidelines stated above.

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