2021 Graduation Information 




Embassy Suites 

9300 Baymeadows Road 

Jacksonville, FL 32256 

When to Apply: 

We will be accepting applications for graduation soon. Check back for dates! 

How to Apply:

1- Complete the Application for Certificate.

2- Attach your FSCJ Transcripts. For instructions on how to view your transcripts click here.

 *Attach any additional transcripts to support course substitutions.

 **If you are taking Summer courses that you would like to apply toward graduation, list them on your graduation application.

3- Include a personal statement to be used for the CUEP graduation presentation.

4- Email a business appropriate photo to creditunioneducationprogram@gmail.com. This will be used for the banquet presentation.

5- Return your completed application and supporting documents to:

Attn: Lydia Hancik- CUEP 


Please note if you are sending personal information, below is a link on how to send an email securely from google support. 

Sending Secure Emails